I see superheroes, everywhere!

I am making a weird and wonderful journey.  An anti-single-use-plastic bamboo bike mission.  It’s not your everyday sort of bike ride.

Although I spend time with lots of kids, I spend most of the time alone, huffing and puffing my way up huge hills with a bright red face!

But all of the time, whether I am feeling tired or hungry or excited or wet or hot, ALWAYS, I am looking forward to meeting mini superheroes and hearing their ideas Continue reading I see superheroes, everywhere!

It’s time, let’s do it!

It really is an exciting and pertinent time to be delving into the world of plastics.  With the incredible Blue Planet 2 series, Sir David Attenborough has once again excelled himself.  In addition to capturing our imagination and interest by bringing the magic of marine animal behaviour into our home, he’s also brought the problem of plastics to our attention.

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It’s always better when we’re together…

There is no combination of words I could put on the back of a postcard that would sum up the past week.

I’ve just smashed through the 2,000 mark with the number of children I have presented to since starting out on my bike just under 4 weeks ago, which has been an awesome rollercoaster.  But that is not the focus of this little snippet. Continue reading It’s always better when we’re together…

Come join me underwater

When you get under the surface of the sea and share time with amazing creatures, large and small, you come back to land feeling fully recharged.

I was lucky enough to visit the Poor Knights Islands last week with Dive! Tutukaka. Not only did they take us to some of Jacques Cousteau’s favourite dive sites (the stuff of dreams), but they also told us about the history and cultural significance of the islands.  ?❤

Enjoy a couple of minutes of saltwatery  goodness!

Poor Knights Underwater Magic – click here

P Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney

With all the planning, trip admin, bike making, networking and leaving parties that I have recently been doing, I was starting to feel a bit like Dory. There was a hazy memory that I was going somewhere, but I got so caught up in all the jobs I had to do and enjoying my time with friends, that I kept forgetting that I was Sydney-bound.  Continue reading P Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney