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Wakas, Government and the 1,000 strong haka

The bike ride along stunning coastline to Wellington finished with a big hill, which has become a standard way to finish a big ride here in New Zealand. But that’s ok, because at the top of the huge hill lies my friends’ house, which has a fully-stocked fridge and a bathtub. After raiding the fridge just a little bit (post cycling hungry is a new level of hunger!) and a lovely long soak I made my way down into town for the Waka Odyssey opening to the New Zealand Festival, on the waterfront.

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I see superheroes, everywhere!

I am making a weird and wonderful journey.  An anti-single-use-plastic bamboo bike mission.  It’s not your everyday sort of bike ride.

Although I spend time with lots of kids, I spend most of the time alone, huffing and puffing my way up huge hills with a bright red face!

But all of the time, whether I am feeling tired or hungry or excited or wet or hot, ALWAYS, I am looking forward to meeting mini superheroes and hearing their ideas Continue reading I see superheroes, everywhere!